Red Army "Beat It" as an example of how RIAA is destroying its revenue opportunities

This video is a "hybrid" MTV with MJ's original sountrack on an edited video of PLA Orchestra performing something else (most likely the Long March Suite) in the People's Great Hall in Beijing.

Unfortunately, the audio is disabled on youtube due to "copyright issue". They basically used software to screen all audios uploaded on youtube and disable any music that they think belongs to their copyright.
There are many problems with this. This example shows how an opportunity to promote the music (hence creating more publicity and hype, and that in turn converts into Sales) is denied by this process. Apparently some artists such as Lady Gaga knows a lot better than the RIAA executives. Lady Gaga spent a great deal in creating her Music Videos on songs over a year old to renew hype, meanwhile allowing almost all user-generated videos (e.g. on youtube) to use her musics.

(another example I encountered a while ago is that some obscure company seems to be claiming copyrights of many unclaimed non-English ("foreiegn") music, which I doubt they really own)


More are listed in Tudou.

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