Vote for Long Hair

Because he is the last HK politician with integrity... and unlike the AOs with British passport who can or cannot speak or write proper English, or the faceless "lawyerly intellectuals", or the suddenly patriots, Long Hair is a true patriot, one who first founded an organization called April-5th (I bet) none of his opponents knew what this means, perhaps even today.

For details see here as well, and here.

Early post: why I would vote for Long Hair


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I had an uncle named Bob. He was a great guy, full of jokes and honest as the day is long.

Bob never held a job for very long, for reasons I never quite understood, but one thing was very clear: it wasn't because he was dishonest.

Uncle Bob.
Loads of integrity, but I wouldn't have voted for him for much of a job above the level of dog catcher.

Sun Bin said...

do you think any of the politicians in HK are above the level of dog catcher?

this is exactly my point. if they are all dog catchers, why not Long Hair? at least he is not a lying dog catcher.

閒人 said...