Light viewing: Matrix IV: China's train system over spring festival

This is a hilarious spoof on the train transport system of China during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
  • Carrie-Ann Moss and Laurence Fishburne are Yellow Cows (those who hoard train tickets illegally), Kenau Reeve as reporter
  • The "Matrix" clones represent the police fighting Yellow Cows
  • Stephen Chow as a migrant worker trying to buy his ticket home
  • Bonus at the end (please continue to watch after Emperor Qin stops): ad spoof for Yellow Cow Corporation Group (9:20)
  • The crowded situation inside the train cabin (7:25) is actually very close to reality. I had seen people sleeping under the chair or over the lugguage racks all the time



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sun bin how are u?

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i'm fine, a bit busy with other stuff. thanks. sorry for light blogging recently.