The most un-original names in China

Source: Wenxuecity

The most un-original name in China is Liu Bo. Over 1.30M people has that name! This is the equivalent of John Smith in English.

I do not know any Liu Bo myself. But I know a few Wang Yong(#6), Wang Jun(#5), Li Yong, Wang Wei(#9), Li Wei(#10), Li Jun.

___Number __ Name

  1306508 __刘波   
  1055504 __李刚   
  910694 ___李海   
  907476 ___张勇   
  810936 ___王军   
  765884 ___王勇   
  762666 ___张伟   
  717614 ___刘伟   
  704742 ___王伟   
  695088 ___李伟

There are more creative people, such as 3 brothers called Wang Ai Guo, Wang Ai Min, Wai Ai Dang, meaning Love Country, Love People and Love (the) Party respectively. Unfortunately such creavitivy wer persecuted during Cultural Revolution, because one can also interpret the 3 brothers as Love Guo Min Dang, i.e., Love KMT.


liebigson said...

one can also interpret the 3 brothers as Love Guo Min Dang, i.e., Love KMT.


Sun Bin said...

or, like the ancient people, add an extra 'school name" (字).

Anonymous said...

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