DPRK Karaoke "Defend the People's Motherland"

If the American imperialistic paper tiger dares attack our motherland......
right click here to download

Hat tip Asiapundit/Boing Boing, complete with English subtitiles.

These gems are like endangered animals. We may not be able to see them next year, or tomorrow.

Some interesting similarity in Hanja pronounciations, very similar to Chinese, esp Minnan/Chaozhou.
InminKun=Renminjun: people's army
Yong Kam=Yong Gang: Brave
Inmine Joguk=Renminde Zuguo: People's motherland

See discussion here and download another song in mp3, "Our answer to american agressors will be crushing". And this site has all the great revolutionary songs from various countries/languages in mp3 for download.

Finally (via KFA) this great video clip from Arirang Festival 2002. Enjoy the dancing peninsula at 7:40.


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