Short comment in Chinese (on some Chinese essays)


(Warning: Below is in Chinese and should be interesting to people in HK only)


初,财子获果报以千金致,意气风发,一时无两. 愈时,果报渐知本益难以相当,乃广开版面,务使财子日行数文,以馈其本.自是政治经济商业文化娱乐地理旅游,无一不晓,虽博而不精,俨然杂家之首矣.

财子不胜所负,甚忧文质每下.乃迭进奇文,以掩黔穷. 惜其不擅逻辑,幸尚能精借题发挥,极尽谩骂之事.与京师太学前太师"西木示"者,堪称果报两绝. 有文为证.现试举一二.
  1. 中梵之权争,诚利益权力之角逐耳.财子喜无限上纲,扯之甚远,乃至南海之所罗门岛. 财子曰,"此岛之乱,源由北京".财子非赵高再世乎?曲直鹿马,登峰造极,虽赵高亦必自叹不如也.
  2. 继而妄论经济,谓梵庭地仅数亩,人渺百十,乌有商业,非觊觎中华之市场者也.实欲教化其愚味之国民.其知其一而不知其二也.中国信众,不下千万.若从梵庭之法,十一税缴,人贡一万,则年贡不下千亿矣.非台海彼岸可比也.
异史士曰,"果报财子,忠于主义,身体力行,其志可嘉. 然以赵高之术,拒李斯之政,不亦捨本逐末,何以自异于暴君小人乎?正人君子不屑为之也."


Siegfried said...

i wonder if any sensible persons would take TC's columns seriously...

Anonymous said...

If he stays at his 散文 corner, I am perfectly happy. I actually like him a little that way.

The problem is that he is increaingly positioning himself as a political critic, economic expert and business consultant, and spits all over the different pages.

ESWN said...

here is one astonishing fact: TC leads tourist groups and there are people who are willing to pay premium prices just to hear him talk. what gives?

Siegfried said...

i seriously doubt TC really means what he writes. he writes so sarcastically that i treat most of his recent articles as somewhat fictional.

to eswn: i guess his creativity and resourcefulness are still worth the premium.

Sun Bin said...


He writes more like a traditional "ba-gu" writer. There is little trace of logic or wetsern education he supposedly received in UK.

Do you see any difference between the sarcastic essays and the supposedly serious essays?

As for his role as an entertainer, I am sure he has his niche. But I think Chua Lan does the job a lot better.

Siegfried said...

sun bin, i can't remember when TC wrote a serious essay last time... his logical flaws are so obvious that i can hardly believe he didnt do it deliberately.

Anonymous said...

The first time I heard of this person was when I watched the 5 minute commentary of a history drama. He tried to apply lessons from the history drama (warring states?) to modern business.
He offered the same jump and leap in logic.
Perhaps he was being sarcastic as well.