Hostile offensive from the right

It has been 60 years since WWII ended in Asia. Not many people in China, especially the younger generation, remember or care about the old wound, if not for continuous provocation from the right wing in Japan. In fact, Japanese products, both merchandise and cultural (sushi, TV drama), have gain wide acceptance in China before 2003. It could have been a great era between the two great people in East Asia, if not for the hostile maneuvers.

Now the right wing Sankei Sinbum is trying to stir up the pool again (bad translation in English)
  • The 10th envoy of SDF to Iraq chartered an airplane from HK based Cathay Pacific Airways to go to Iraq
  • The flight was cancelled 2 days prior to scheduled departure date
  • Sankei blames pressure from PRC on Cathay Pacific
  • JSDF ended up chartered a Qatar Airline and disguised themselves as civilians
It is a possible explanation. Though it is also possible that Cathay Pacific did this itself, as we all know it is trying very hard to gain rights to fly into the mainland.

What Sankei failed to report and ask is
  • Why did Japan choose Cathay Pacific, instead of Japan's own air carriers, such as JAL or ANA?
  • Why they tried to board the Cathay flight on uniform, while the Qatar flight in disguise?
The Chinese media offered an explanation
  • JAL, ANA refuse to carry the soldiers, because many Japanese (and those in the airline trade unions) do not support the invasion of Iraq or Japan's involvement. (Many Japanese people are peace loving, or do not want to get themselves into any trouble)
  • In addition JAL, ANA do not want to become target of terrorist retaliation. It is very likely that Cathay decided to forgo this business for that particular reason (or "pressured" by insurance company?)
  • In the previous 9 envoys, the JSDF have used government flights (the "Airforce One" equivalent) or civil airlines in Japan, because JSDF's own plane does not have the range of the 747. It is a mystery why they chose Cathay this time, another mystery why the US does not offer help in this case.
  • It was reported that Cathay's explanation is that it was declined passage into the airspace of a few countries. The use of airspace by civil airlines has very specific restrictions, e.g. armed personnel, custom officers are not included in the air freedom negotiation. Therefore, Cathay needs special application for such chartered flights.
  • In fact, the final solution on Qatar Airline is also cheating on the Airline, and the countries where that the plane passes their airspace. Because an army carrying guns on plane has used the airspace, violating the agreement Qatar Airline signed with the respective countries
The event could have a very easy solution. Charter an American airline, or get help from US navy. There is no need spray salt on the wounds of the Sino-Japanese relationship. Can't we just get along and make money, or love?

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See this discussion on chartered flights CX8301 (HKG-Kuwait) and CX8529 (Hanada-HKG), and related rules/applications on Air Traffic Control Centres.