Surfing Google Earth (ii)

Update, without installing google earth, google map can also be used. just type the coordinates in the same syntax, e.g. "42 39 19 N, 94 10 02 E".

More cool surfing on Google Earth. This one is the banner plus a map of China viewable in the satellite. Inside the map sketch it is a national flag, plus "Motherland in my heart", to the East (note N is point at 8 o'olock in this map) of this is "Protect our country, guard the border". I suspect this was painted during the cold war before USSR collapsed.

Location: On the southern end of China-Kyrgistan border, 50km West of Uluqqat, 200km west of Kashi. The border town is called Simuhana.

Update on the previous banners near Hami:
1. Precise size of the banners were measured. e.g. 300mx50m for the banner shown above.
2. It was said (in comment field) these were painted for airplane pilot training purposes (by "No 8 Pilot College" of the airforce), to assist them to find the small airport when they land. You can see the airport on google earth near of the banner in the middle of the cluster. In 1960s we did not have GPS/etc.

Other cool stuffs:

In People's Square, Chengdu, you can also see the banner "Happy New Year". (and many company logos on top of buildings we can see as we land in US airports, though these are all smaller than the Cultural Revolution banners above)

Coordinates on previous post:
42 32'33.95" N 94 19'36.80" e ---为人民服务
42 39'18.85" N 94 10'00.80" e ---毛主席万岁!
42 27'12.08" N 94 08'49.36" e ---排除万难去争取胜利
42 39'33.30" N 94 16'00.59" e ---只争朝夕
42 27'40.95" N 94 14'36.80" e ---向斗争中学习

Coordinates for new cool stuff!

Simuhana coordinates above
39 41'43.47" N 73 55'37.17" e ---祖国在我心中 in China map (to the east of this: 卫国戍边)
39 43'34.55"N 73 56'59.58"E --- 祖国万岁 Long Live Motherland (to the NW there is a small string of characters too small to recognize, anyone venture a guess?)
39 43'08.75"N 73 57'14.16"E --- 斯姆哈纳欢迎您
44 18n,86 39e (距石河子48-49公里) --- mechanical agriculture in Shihezi, west of Urumqi

Shangri-la Buddhist script
香格里拉-松赞林寺 27.86808444N, 99.69783333E (Songzanlin Temple, name of lama temple in Tibetan and Chinese, Shangr-La, Yunnan
40°21'15.41",116°00'24.21" Badaling Great Wall

Interesting points in other countries
32.165978,-110.854884 ---Davis Monthan AFB, US
18.5784602315, 73.9199699249 --- Sukhoi 30 MKI, India
38°43'14.73"N, 121°15'23.64"E --- Chinese submarine in Boahi Bay

34.0833816528, 139.528656006 -- Miyake-jima, smoking volcano in Japan
53 31'54.33N,1 21'22.63W --- "The signs" A635/Darfield, South of Leeds, England
14°41'11.61"S,75°10'23.26"W --- Nazca lines, Peru
51°52'17.78"N,0°34'0.13"W --- "apparent airplane collision" Edlesborough, SW of Luton, England
69°15'32.22"N 33°14'17.11"E --- Capsized ship, Saida Bay, N of Murmansk, Russia
51°4'47.1"N6°59'18"E --- burning car, on A3 autobahn near Gieslenberg, N of Leverkusen, Germany,
47.62778500/-122.24189100 Bill Gates' House, Medina, WA, USA

37°39'56.22"N116° 1'30.90"W Mysteriuos triangle (inscribing circles), Nevada, 300km east of Yosemite
37°50'38.81"N116°43'53.01"W Underground Nuke or Nuke waste storagr(?), Nevada, 250km N of Las Vegas
40.09505600/128.34080800 Alleged N Korea nuke facilities, Soho-ri, between Hongwon and Sinpo
40°45'52.01"N 74° 0'1.23"W USS ENterprise at Manhattan west side

48°52'26.79"N,2°17'42.66"E --- Arc de Triumph
48°48'17.76"N,2° 7'18.24"E --- Palace Verseilles
41°53'24.32"N,12°29'31.16"E --- Colisuem, Roma
29°58'43.41"N,31° 8'5.06"E --- Pyramid
29°58'31.81"N,31° 8'15.10"E --- Sphinx
27.9782502279, 86.9221941736 --- 珠穆朗玛峰(Mount Everest)
22°57'5.72"S,43°12'36.65"W Rio de Janeiro, Jesus Statue
3° 3'53.24"S,37°20'56.85"E Kilimanjaro, snow cap in equator. (Note Al Gore's pictures are midleading. He took pcitures from different times in the year)
51°10'44.32"N,1°49'43.38"W --- Stone Henges, UK
13° 09'48.07"S,72°32'44.69"W --- Machu Picchu, Peru

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