Pay attention to food hygiene and improve health levels

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"Love hygiene, talk civilization"

"Pay attention to food hygiene and improve health levels", Eat, drink and smoke patriotically!

"No Carlsberg"

"No Coke"

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Unenvironmental Coke

"Nor Pepsi cola...

...especially the 120mL stingy package"

"No Tang juice"

"Don't smoke Malboro"

"Crush the germ carrying mouse"

"Don't drink perfume"

No 7 not good either

"Don't put food in leather bags"

"Pull the hair before you grill the suckling pig, don't shave"

"Don't sign on your food"

Crush the Intel bug inside

Dispel the Intel bug outside

Lastly, Eat American Dog meat! Priceless!

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