Going into the GFW

Will stay for a while inside the GFW.

Probably much less blogging here, please also check the msn blog which I had sort of abandoned since this year. I will proably post there if I find the GFW too time comsuming to tackle.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cross-strait link via ESWN, perhaps a much better gauge of what the people inside the GFW think about the other side of the strait, which is quite different from what you read from the Angry-youth over the internet.


暗黑的卡夫卡 said...

Tor is too slow? Or you never tested it inside GFW?

Sun Bin said...

ok...i installed TOR, and got the TOR extension on firefox. it is slow, but tolerable.

stupid google has one extremely annoying function. i now has everything in german!

when i was in indonesia a month ago, google forced me to read bahasa!

暗黑的卡夫卡 said...


For Firefox...Option->Advanced->Language

Or you're talking about the google locale in firefox that got messed up all the time???

Anyway...I will browse more and let you know if I found any(You can probably get more updated info inside ha)

Have a good trip and take care.