Light viewing: Naixiaode Guniang

The Japanese entertainment industry is perhaps the best in this world.

This very cute song is an example (with a very 囧 (jiong) title) :
奶小的姑娘(ないしゃおだくーにゃん) (the Japanese is the direct phonetic translation of Mandarin Chinese of these characters, not Hiragana)

Other version also available in Youtube (Maid/nurse version)

Inside China there are more versions available: e.g. Youku and Tudou have bigger collections. e.g., Break Dance, Chinese dress, etc

It has many Japanese pop elements all integrated, 猫耳), 蘿莉/Lolicon, Anime, Electronic Game (Idol Master / 偶像大師 where these videos are from)... and its lyric comes in 3 languages: Japanese, Chinese and English.

Those who understand Chinese would notice that most Chinese words here are pronounced in Chinese, and Katagana are actually English words. Full Chinese Translation is here. I will jutry to translate some lines below (CAPITAL LETTERS mean straight from how it is pronounced in the song, numbers denote tone in Pinyin):

Japanese trnaslation(!) -yes, normal Japanese would not fully understand this song as there are so many English and Chinese words in it.

ないしゃお だ くーにゃん 日本語(?)訳

部屋の隅まで がらくたごちゃごちゃ(纭纭)

デジタルでじたる(数字) アナログあなろぐ(模拟) (DIGITAL Shu4Zi4,, ANALOGUE M02Ni4)

モニター(Monitor)にかじりついて キミは黙々と MONITOR is where I cannot leave, while you are Mo4Mo4 (silent)

2Dの世界で 2D Love(二维爱)

夢の中でも たえずハァハァ(不乏邪念)

ネット(NET)で検索 カタログ(CATALOGUE)かたろぐ(目录)

妄想たくましい キミはブツブツ(哝哝)

だけどやっぱりI LOVE YOU(我爱你)

ぱんぱん(砰砰) ハート(HEART)が ドキドキしちゃうよ(心跳)

ないない(奶奶) ナイむね ふくらむ ぱんぱん(膨膨)

★ひんにゅーおにゃのこ ちっちゃくたっていいもん 

内緒だからね あたしの胸のうち 

それでも"お気に"は ネコ耳メイド? 

チャイナドレスも いいでしょ!(ね!) 

ひんにゅーおにゃのこ とっておきのモーション 

内緒にするにゃん ステキな恋のはじまりね 

このまま近づけば 時間も止まる 

二人の歴史は 四千年 にゃんにゃん!

★ repeat