Maps and satellite photos of the Quake area

(update) Above is the map from Earthquake Bureau.

SourceFYJS.CN, National Bureau of Surveying;

The USGS has revised the coordinate of the epicenter. It is now on 30.989, 103.329, about 20km SES of the previous site. It is on the hilltop about midway between the towns of Gengda and Sanjiang. To be more precise, north of the village of Caoping.
(The previsous site was at the village of Xinfangzi and Laofangzi, 25km NWW of Yingxiu Town. Gengda Town, which is about 6 km East of the epicenter, is probably more devastated than Yingxiu. I hope someone in China could let us know if there is any news there. (more maps in FYJS link above)

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This is a satellite view of Beichuan County, along the fault line about 150km to the NE, hit by numerous aftershocks. More such images can be found in the NBS site linked above

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Sun Bin said...

looks like they really forgot about the people in the epicenter.
Sanjia and Gengda are the two towns closest to the epicenter in the map above.