Geography Quiz: Foreign Policy and ATK's infamous 65

Look at the pictures and guess what the names of the cities are. This will be extremely hard. Full of surprises and counter-representative pictures, e.g. why Dublin is ranked above Osaka and Mumbai, the choice of the picture for Los Angeles. Oops, spoilers, but that won't help you a lot. The real hint is ATK has taken an arbitrary 65 cities based on certain people's personal choices and an arbitrary matrix of pseudo-quantitative ranking with random weighting to rank the 65.

Metropolis Now  Foreign Policy (via ESWN)

Don't forget to read the comments below for some of the obvious errors in the captions (e.g. Vienna).

Methodology (extremely vague) and the rank table (with absolutely no scoring breaking but GDP and Population to show you how small their weights are in the "scoring"

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