A 3D map better than gmap!

This map site from Sanya, China, is even better than google map!

It has beautiful 3D graphic in the map, a sim-city style google satellite/road hybrid plus street view all in one. Even better, if you click into each building, it has the photo of the building on the left column.

If you are one of the migrating birds planning to get to Sanya in the winter. This is the planning tool for you.


p.s. I followed a referral link to Brough's Comunication blog, (btw, a very good and insightful blog for those interested in technology), and there is an introduction to edushi.com, 12 cities and grwoing, wow! I have been wondering why it had to be Sanya instead of Shanghai or Beijing and this is the answer. I am not surprised this comes out from China (instead of USA or Japan) because only China has such cheap labor and entrepreneurship.
One got to admire the power of internet linkages. I have to say this again, by blocking some selected sites, the Chinese government is effectively cutting the internet's powerful linkage of knowledge into disparate subgroups.


leona said...

It's amazing.
But can it help a woman be a better map reader?
I doubt.

Res2Hack said...

i'ts good maybe i wan't to include on my web