blogspot unblocked ... for now

Seems blogspot is unblocked again in China, for now.

Though not sure when they might decide to block it again, still good news. What is more important is to unblock wiki. Without wiki China is hurting its own competitiveness in all areas.

Seem it started on Dec 2nd, according to google analytic


VC said...

glad to know China keep improving.

Sun Bin said...

i wouldn't say the GFW is improving. it has flip-flopped many times in the past. and as i said, the most important site, wiki, is still blocked. wiki will greatly improve the efficiency of many research work, be it academic, business or even general knowledge for the layman.

VC said...

do you think Wiki should accept self-censorship?

Sun Bin said...

it is not wiki's fault.
with any kind of censorship, wiki will be a useless source. and it will be meaningless if GFW unblocks it.

the chinese government needs to be able to see this.

Sun Bin said...

unfortunately, the GFW only opened for about 10 days and it has been shut a couple days ago. :(

so much for 'china improving'.

VC said...

well, then we are sure:



VC said...



P.S. they are 壓韻 in Cantonese. Ha Ha