Light viewing: "... and all the pigs laughed"

This is very politically incorrect, but actually funny, with quite an elaborate plot to reach what the angry-netizen wanted to say.

-- it seems this is censored in some Chinese video sites, either been removed or the latter part truncated. IMHO the whole effect would be much 'better' if the final punch line is limited to not more than 2 repeats.

and there are, as usual, many variation from the angry-netizen (including e-gao from Stephen Chow's movie, etc) ...


VC said...

the Japanese paragraph degraded the song.

better replace by:


in addition, a loop is made, and the song can be sing endlessly.

VC said...

wait, you mentioned "angry-netizen'. Why they angry? Because of Japanese invasion of China and the Nanjing Massacre?

Sun Bin said...

i think the loop idea is brilliant.

re:angry-netizen, this is how it is introduced in most chinese websites. also, i think it is a bad strategy to make a whole nation you enemy while it is in fact only a portion of them. eg how about people like 东史郎? the PRC United Front department understands this very well:)

VC said...

i see. thank you.

btw, 湖南和四川真的美女多嗎?

Sun Bin said...

i don't have much idea about hunan. but sichuan is said to be good. one reasoning goes to the the re-colonisation (hence mixing of gene pool) in early Qing afte Zhang Xianzhong killed most males population there. The other is for the KMT mistresses they brought to and left in Chongqing.

Northeast (esp Harbin) is also said to be good.

VC said...

Oh! the video is removed!

Sun Bin said...

look at the links below. there are many. the one i posted is the cartoon one. i can download if anyone want to upload somewhere.

VC said...

thanks, i book-marked one but fail to download.

can you tell me which one is downloadable? or email me the file if the it is not too big?

leona said...

speaking of sichuan girls....I think perhaps I may add my two cents here because my grandma and mon were both born in sichuan, in chong qing actually....

well, recolonization+KMT mistresses...yes, heard that it's quite reasonable.

and it's also attributed to CQ's uniqute weather too---
It's humid and cloudy.
humid -> more water -> skin's more supple.
cloudy -> less UV -> whiter skin

and CQ is known to be a "mountain city"(山城) (think Sheung Wah).
People goes up and down all the time. More exercise, less fat, slimmer body.

my ex works in CQ.
He said the municipal officials also use 「重慶美女多」to lure expatriates.信不信由你。

Sun Bin said...

i think it is about 9MB, gime your email.

VC said...

It's in the contact field of my Blogger Profile page. You can go there by click "vc".

Thank you in advance.