Viva democracy! Congratulations 'President' Lu?

Chen Shui Bian may have to go. This does not have anything to do with Chen Shui-bian's infamous son-in-law Chao. I believe that, given the benefit of doubt, as long as CSB is not aware of Chao's crime, he should not be held responsible for his son-in-law's corruption. We can blame him for incompetence, of not being able to curb the crimes. We cannot force him to resign. MYJ deserves special praise for correctly being sober about this issue. Although "the first time a member of the family of a [Taiwanese](ROC) president has been detained on suspicion of breaking the law." also signifies a milestone in democracy. This is democracy. Would you imagine Tze-ven Soong, who had embezzled from the state an amount comparable to a year of China's GDP be in jail?

This is about CSB's wife and the Sogo gift certificate scandal. Now there is concrete evidence that the certificates the 'first lady' used matches the serial numbers of the missing certificates that were involved in alleged corruption.

CSB promised he would resign if there is such evidence.
Now please go, and congratulate Annette Lu's as the 'president'.

DPP should dump CSB if he refuses to honor his promise. This is not about Blue vs Green. This is also not about your worry or discrimination against Annette Lu. This is about the ideals that DPP claim to (and used to) represent, a clean government.

This does not mean defeat in Taiwan's democracy reform. Instead, this is another milestone for the achievement of democracy (and media freedom) by the people in Taiwan, in the same way that Watergate is a triumph of democracy for the US. For the first time in history, a leader has to step down due to popular pressure in a Chinese government.

1) For those who think I am blue-baised. I wholeheartedly wished CSB win when he ran for Taipei Mayor in 1995, and half-hearted in 2000 when he ran for the president. I am also skeptical of the bullet-gate accusation in 2004.
2) I still do not believe CSB himself is involved in all these scandals in person. Just put myself in his shoes, even if I discount my IQ to his level, no one will be that stupid. But now doubt is cast.
3) The reason I believe Ah Bian needs to step down is solely based on his public support and promise regarding the Sogo Certificate. Had he tackled the crisis the same what he did toward Chao. He does not have to step down.
4) Regardless of the accuracy of this AD report, shall we expect Apple Daily bashing from the indiscriminate green this time like they did to TVBS last year?


Anonymous said...

Don't impeach A bian, he has only 1% approval rating from the latest poll on Taiwan TV.

Sun Bin said...

No one is impeaching him. He promised to take responsibility for his wife himself, even though he didn't have to. So he cannot escape the skepticism that he is an accomplice, or had held the truth a couple months ago.

Moreover, it is more important for democracy cause than who wins 2008 or who rules in 2007. If you are a Brother Ma fan. You can comfort yourself by thinking even Carter won the 1976 election in US.