North Korean bluff

DPRK is talking about nuke again. We know what Kim JI wants - an assurance from US that it will not do what it did to Saddam to him. The man is scared.

Well, we know where that single missile fell into in July.

What about the alleged DPRK military "might"? I know the Google Earth community has a collection of coordinates on DPRK military devices. After seeing these pictures below, I do not know how many of those facilities are for real. So much for the "axis of whatever" threat to world peace.

Back on topic, IMO, KJI's nuke test (planned or bluffed) should be stopped, not for the potential threat, but for the potential environmental damage to one of the last pieces of unpolluted land in NE Asia. To accomplish this, an assurance of no-Iraqification may be needed. Not that we should give in to KJI's blackmail, but because there is really no reason (and totally unlikely) for anyone to make DPRK an Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures: I'll definately be sending this url to some friends back in the US.

North Korea might be one of the last pieces of unpolluted land in NE Asia, but I've seen several Japanese media reports that claim it has been heavily deforested. It probably has something to do with the fact that wood/charcoal burning is so important as an energy source there.