Reading list Q1 2007



The Trouble with Japanese Nationalism

China's Fantasy of Freedom




Plugging A Math Gap

America's unsinkable fleet

The fair trade coffee scam

Sailing into Harm's Way versus the Dangerously Eloquent Jeff Faux


Curse of the Golden Flower



Anonymous said...

If I may add, this should be a good read as well:
Does communism work after all?

Sun Bin said...

thanks, a very interesting article, with good charts.

Anonymous said...

Recently, a fellow forumer at the China Resurgent Forum had published a book in the United States which I think is worth a read for most economists, businessmen and China patriots.

It's called "America and China - Political and Economic Relations in the 21st Century" and it's available on Amazon.com for US$22.95.

While I have not read the book, but I can roughly know its content as it echoes most of the voices by the founder of the forum - Liang.

Anonymous said...

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