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Site visits in a week in June (3rd-9th)

萬惡的GFW就如Voldermot, 墙還在,心不死,終于在6月20日左右復辟。

Site visit in a week in July (8th-14th)



Good old days (all time stats for mainland China)

Taiwan (all time stats)

"自由中國" in July 2007 (其實過去只有澳門才是真正的自由中國。自稱‘自由中國’的臺灣直到1987年才解嚴,香港一直有迫害當地左派)


Anonymous said...

My traffic from the mainland is about 3% of what it was two months ago.

bobby fletcher said...

SB, after your posts in the Taishi impeachment, I am a BFF (Blog Fan Forever).

But I have to call you on this. What is your over-all blog visit figure, it should have gone down too - but did it? Did traffic from proxy-rich regions gone up?

Those idiot self-appointed expat "China experts" I can't blame them, but you? Of all people you should know when China's swiss cheese firewall acts up, people start running Proxy Hunter.

So look at your other traffic figure to see if they've gone up, and thank GFW for it.

Sun Bin said...

yes, there are some trasnfer to proxy, i think.

but total is 25% down. i will post some chart when i get to it.

a few interesting observation / hypothesis.

1) this showed that many people do not use proxy, either they do not bother or do not know how to do it
2) taking the average may not tell the full story, but my site visits have been quite consistent
3) the difference stands out when i got linked by ESWN, showing many of ESWN's readers are behind the GFW.
4) do you know what my most visited page is? a wiki referred link to my GDP scaled map.
but this was not affected as wiki is always outside the GFW

bobby fletcher said...

SB, thank you for posting the total pageview, only if you posted the numbers for May as well.

But here's what I observed:

- the 6/11 spike is an anomoly.
- with the spike removed, your site has been trending down gradually for quite a while.

I for one have been comming less and less, because of the lack of content to my interest, not the GFW.

Honestly, I don't see a GFW move that suddenly dropped your count by 25%. Perhaps your maintainence effort has something to do with it.

Sun Bin said...

1) i did not count the 6/11 spike. spikes usually come up when there is a new post or new link from popular sites such as ESWN

2) i have made less posts, and got too busy to do research myself. but that started some 9 months ago. so if it were to trend down, it should have happened long ago.
that did not happen, because blogspot was unblocked.

3) for the several times that blogspot was blocked and unblocked again. visible effects were observed. i do not understand why you would think GFW had no effect at all.

4) i am travelling to China more and more these days. i may simply move to msn space in future.
but GFW will not win. it is the chinese people and Chinese economy that would suffer as a results of the GFW.

Sun Bin said...

here is my may stats

馬尚風 said...


Sun Bin said...

Sorry, I do not understand what you guys are doing.

How could circulating a label help circumventing the blocking?

Please spend your money on establishing more proxy server instead, if you really want to help.

Sun Bin said...

btw, i found some of your links very useful though, e.g. gollum wiki browser. you would do a great favour or us if you can compile a list of such sites.

馬尚風 said...

Hi Mr Sun,

First all I want to say sorry because I confusing you.I cann't let you understand the different between ChinaBlockage label and establishing more proxy server.

My English isn't that good to express my thought. I want to use Chinese instead. I can write again in English if you can not understand Chinese very well.

我想你寫這篇博客文章的目的無非是為了向人們說明一個事實,GFW不僅存在而且還很可惡。其實除了你的這篇文章,已經有千千萬萬的文章在做著類似的努力。可結果是世界上大多數善良的人們還是不知道GFW的存在,更不知道GFW對中國的封鎖程度有多嚴重。你也許不相信我說的,可能是由于自己早就知道GFW 了,而且你的許多朋友也早已經了解了GFW。可這并不能說明其他人也都已經知道了。請看一個已經貼上「中國封」的博客,其中寫到”但是,在我与别人的交流中,更多的人不知道GFW为何物“ ,”虽然blogspot被封跟我没有任何关系,但是我坚决不动地方,而且还要郑重宣布This website is Blocked in China.“







馬尚風 said...



請看一個已經貼上「中國封」的博客,其中寫到”但是,在我与别人的交流中,更多的人不知道GFW为何物“ ,”虽然blogspot被封跟我没有任何关系,但是我坚决不动地方,而且还要郑重宣布This website is Blocked in China.”

Sun Bin said...




馬尚風 said...