My GFW problem half solved

You know, that great nanny who tried to control everything and used us helpless blogger as leverage to force google to kneel. I had a lot of trouble after moving to China. Proxy works, but it could be damn slow, and fails so many times that I gave up quite a few times.

Now it seems that have unblocked 'blogger' (i.e. I can edit) while keeping 'blogspot' out of the GFW (i.e. nobody can read). Moreover, through tracing my reader/link stats I found the great pkblog. It basically provides a mirror for all blogspot posts. For example, you can view this blog at http://www.pkblogs.com/sun-bin/ , and my previous post at http://www.pkblogs.com/sun-bin/2008/01/professor-cheung-on-chinas-new-labor.html .

i.e. substitute xxxxx.blogspot.com with pkblogs.com/xxxxx.

Consider this problem half solved.

bonus (CJ7 long trailer :) )