Happy 35th!

China's 60th Anniversary national day - timelapse and slow motion - 7D and 5DmkII

1984 -- Happy 35th!

1949-2009 -- 35 years of Achievement
  • 1949-1956 = 7 years; 1978-1989= 11 years, 1992-2009 = 17 years -- the middle years were essentially wasted
  • Bard DeLong, "And in 1978 China had its first piece of great good luck in a long, long time--perhaps the first time some important chance broke right for China since the end of the Sung dynasty. China acquired as its paramount ruler one of the most devious and effective politicians of this or indeed any age, a man who was quite possibly the greatest human hero of the twentieth century: Deng Xiaoping. Deng sought to maintain the Communist Party oligarchy's control over China's politics while also seeking a better life for China's people, and he is guided by two principles: (i) be pragmatic ("what matters is not whether the cat is red [sic - should be "Black"] or white, what matters is whether the cat catches mice), and (ii) be cautious ("cross the river by feeling for the stones at the bottom of the ford with your feet")."

  • 然后,在交了长年累月的霉运(可能自从宋朝完结后中国在主要的机遇上就从来没有什么事情是顺的)之后,在1978年中国终于迎来了她的第一个硕大无比的好运。中国获得了这时代,甚至可以说是任何时代里,最难得最有效的政治家 -- 一个很有可能是20世纪人类最伟大的英雄:邓小平,作为她的最高领导人。
Happy 35th, Xiao Ping Ning Hao!

Update: forget CCTV, Guardian's reporter made a stunting video, to download paste the video link to this site, then right click the 'download' link there.

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