Strategic location of the Luzon Strait

My earlier post about the Hormuz-Singapore-Yokohama sea route is right.

See (click to enlarge) below the "Major Asia-Pacific shipping lanes" - US Pacific Command (Source)


Sun Bin said...

it is not a fantastic map. but it shows the shipping lane (and where the gunboats move) i wanted to know.

..yes, the unit is call PACOM sphere of influence :)

Anonymous said...

hello sun bin,

why do you think the us shows so much interest in the malacca straits, considering that it has no oil passing thru there,


Sun Bin said...

Lots of oil pass through Malacca (Singapore), did I mis-understand you?
...also the 7th Fleet from its bases at Guam, Yosuka, Okinawa, when moving to the Persian Gulf/Hormuz.

The alternatives (Sunda and Lombok) are a lot longer. And there is no major support port I think.

About your link, to fight pirates and terrorists, Singapore alone can do a very good job, in fact, the Sings are better than the US in this, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

sorry sun bin,'

what i mean is why do the us show such unseemly haste to send in the marines to patrol the malacca straits,
when not a drop of us oil pass thru it. ?

countries like malaysia which opposed the scheme was warned that without outside help they wont be able to cope, sure enough, since then pirates attacks has been escalating ;-) and malaysia etc is forced by "international" pressure to relent and accept us air patrol now, most likely followed by us navy vessels later.

so us will get its wish as always.
as per its pnac world domination blueprint, with emphasis to

"spotlights China for 'regime change' it is time to increase the presence of American forces in southeast Asia"

and in SEA, where is the choke point for chinese oil supplies?

Sun Bin said...

You answer your question already.

As i said, Singaporeans alone can deal with these problem.

Anonymous said...

The “freerepublic” might not be one’s idea of a respectable site, but I observe that the “freepers” creeds are quite revealing, often mirroring the motive of the cabal’s policies..

“if we ever have to get the Chinese by their balls, Malacca straits would be the place to do it….”
(post no 13 by rkv, his motto, “ he who has guns, makes the rules…” is also quite illuminating about us policies….)