Will the Taiwan recall be passed this time?

Let's suppose DPP decided to back CSB up, or let the legislators choose their own vote. Would CSB recall be passed this time.

The total number of seat in the Legislative Yuan is 220. 147 is needed to pass the recall bill. In the second recall motion, 116 votes (pan-Blue + independent) supported the recall. In the first recall in June 119 supported (more independent went to vote).

The shortfall was 28. (Let's assume this time all 119 will support the recall). We now know for sure that there will be 12 votes from TSU. That means another 16 is needed from some DPP members.

What do the DPP members think? Do we have the 16 votes? Here is the poll of 70 DPP legislators (total=89, I suppose 19 were not approached or not approachable). 21 refused interview, so we only have the answer from 49 of them.
  • If the investigation found that CSB should be indicted, will he need to step down? 33 Yes, 6(suspend power of president), 10 No
  • If CSB refused to step down, what should be done? 12 recall, 3 impeach 3, 14 He should be able to make the right decision, 7 DPP will make the right decision, 4 this will not happen or never considered this situation 4, 9 No

Marginal, but not unlikely this time. Evidence were pouring in for the past 9 months, making the Chen family corruption case look like a 10-year old car lacking proper maintenance -- leaks and gaps everywhere. The cases for Sogo and State Affair Budget were so clear even to an outsider like this blogger, that I congratulated Annette Lu in May.

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Jason said...

An interesting scenario there. I suppose the question confronting the DPP is whether having Chen continue on as president is worse than having Lu become president.

Any other time I'd assume that the restive New Tide members would support a recall, but considering that a successful recall would sweep their arch-nemesis Annette Lu into power, I doubt they'll bite. Perhaps we'll just end up seeing a large number of DPP members take te politically safe road and abstain from voting?

This gives me a headache just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

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