Happy Olympic

1) An imperfect perfection
2) youtube's video was taken down, try this cctv link (slower, but should work), or sina video

This is the most touching moment of the opening ceremony, i.e., if the CCTV commentator could wait for the song to finish before commenting.

p.s.1. the French voice over is pretty distracting. Did they used that to entice Sarcozy to come?
p.s.2. Challenge: where the hxxx have the Fuwas gone? Answer here, alternative answer: Uncle Liu Huan himself is. alternative 2: sent over to Xinjiang


草示儿 said...

This is very touching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the olympics! Good luck for you guys!

Anonymous said...

LOL. chinese Han child wearing traditional russian farmer clothes.. what does it mean?

Chinese Han child wearing traditional mongolian clothes..what does this mean?

why should it be Happy Olympics?

aside that its nice to know that EU people leads in golden medals..