Blogspot unblocked in China

This is not news. But I have been able to see visitors from Beijing and Shanghai for over a week now. See this map, a snapshot of the previous 15 visitors to my site. if you want one for yourself, look here and click "home".

Related note: prompted by the lack of English coverage on events occuring in China (e.g. Taishi), Anti is going to be translate essays inside China, the ESWN way. Keep a bookmark on his English blog.

1. was told that Shenzhen ISP has unblocked a few days after Beijing and Shanghai.
2. today, the first search referral from Baidu arrived


Nate Bender said...

having just spent the last three weeks in China, I'm not certain that blogspot is unblocked or not. When I first arrived, I unsuccessfully tried accessing my normal favorites via a browser.

When that failed I made an interesting discovery, regardless of what the Chinese government is blocking, for the time being you can read all your news and blogs via RSS readers such as bloglines.com without any trouble.

You may want to let your mainland readers know this in case the blocking returns.

Sun Bin said...

Thanks for the tips. blogline/RSS are definitely better than anonymouse proxy servers.

(I simply copy and paste into a morror blog in spaces.msn for direct access)

p.s. I think it is unblocked at Beijing and Shanghai, not really sure about the rest of China.