Light viewing: Arirang video

I am always passionately curious about people who live in North Korea. So I am thrilled to find these beautiful videos from Dan Schor's site (via Boing Boing).

Links are for your convenience, But Please do read Dan Schor's full DPRK trip report and his 300 photo album.

Note the background picture is composed by thousands of peoples, each carrying a few colored boards.

You can see the "pixels" if you click to enlarge the flag picture, and see the picture below that for the people before the performance.

Talking about DPRK cardboard arts, I have this great video ad on my hard-disk (right click this to download).

p.s. Don't miss Austin Arsensberg's upcoming picture, and reports. Apparently he went in the same tour, and may provide us with his interpretation, and of course more colorful pictures.

related link: Guardian article on Arirang Festival

Update: visitor James introduces Weecheng's travel report .

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