Light reading: "North Korea is a lot larger South"

I have a few topics in mind but I haven't got time to write them. So in between, I would share with you this video (or from the source, rightclick to downlaod).

You will find evidence for:
  1. Young American girls have much better geographical knowledge than their compatriots(can pinpoint "even" Sri Lanka quickly)
  2. Whether the next target is Iran, France, or North Korea, our dear friends down under are doomed. The lesson, don't be a big "island" and don't color your country in yellow. It makes an easy target.
  3. Fortunately, these people don't seem to be video game geeks. So they are unlikely to be given control of the star war surgical gizmos

p.s. Please don't make a stereotype against our American friends. Note the interviewer labelled the maps in a misleading way. I am sure the video maker (is he an Aussie or American) has edited out the more sensible interviews, just to achieve the comedy effect, and perhaps also to show us how the simplistic and often biased views of the media could twist people's minds.


Anonymous said...


Would you write an article on game theory and Taiwan Strait?

Sun Bin said...

Thanks, but give me some idea please.:)

This is quite a complicated issue to be analysed by game theory. Many options, choices and scenarios. The reason I have restricted my discussion on high level strategy and long term view is because the picture is simpler.

I have some thought from the mainland perspective (vs choices on Taiwan's side). But I feel the conclusion is perhaps not much different from what common sense would lead to.

Perhaps you could help me with defining the objectives first. There are different objectives for each side to define, some are controllable, some not controlled by the government/party (esp Taiwan side).

One interesting option for pan-blue, or mainland is, endorse a referendum. If they did this 15 years ago, the issue might have been sealed like Quebec. But today it is less certain, esp after so manyh mis-steps from the mainland.

Anonymous said...

I have read an article written by 練乙錚 in the Hong Kong Economic Journal. It seems that the application of the game theory would involve a lot of assumptions. (練 also touched on the relationship between 以君之下駟與彼上駟 and the game theory.)

Sun Bin said...

yes, it is quite complicated to set up. however, i have some ideas already, but i need some time to think through it and make sure there is substance and no major flaw.

meanwhile, you can check out wiki on the 2x2 matrix. zero sum game. and prisoner's dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir!

Prisoner's dilemma - reminds me of LA Confidential.