A suggestion for A-bian's response to panda politics

Each time CSB try to provoke the government on the other side of the strait, CCP seems unable to find an appropriate answer, i.e. either way they lose. Well, until recently. Apparently A Bian crossed the line and US stepped in the most recent battle (NUC incidence).

On the other hand, CCP finally found an effective PR offense, the panda politics. A few lame excuses has been provided by the deep green camp to resist the panda. They even called them Trojan panda and I believe they honestly fear these harmless cuties. Why? because pandas will be visited by voters, especially those belong to neither camps, and that would remind them that people in mainland are not as hostile to Taiwan as preached by DPP.

In a desperate attempt to stop the pandas coming, A Bian recently tried to distort the message from a book he read, basically saying, no wild animal should be taken in a zoo, therefore panda should be released to the wild. Besides the obviously logical flaw (what about other animals in Taipei zoo), this was quickly refuted by the original author of the book (see HK Economic Times, link requires subscription, or here: 陳水扁(新聞)總統指稱看了潘文石的主張後,認為應野放貓熊回山林,但潘文石的主張為:反對野生貓熊[圈養],推動[人工繁殖的貓熊]動物園圈養;人工繁殖的貓熊是沒有野放山林的問題;送台灣的貓熊是人工繁殖的;台灣絕對有能力養好貓熊。李慶安認為,大陸送台灣的貓熊,是圈養而非野生,若野放山林會無法生存,陳總統講錯了卻不認錯。), who clarified that the pandas in capitivity are all injured animals who requires care, plus their offsprings who may not have the skill to survive in the wild. i.e. keeping these particular pandas in zooz does not affect those living in the wild. To the contrary, they would not have survived or been bred otherwise. In addition, showing them outside mainland China helps to raise awareness of conservation, provides a better environment for the pandas and (in the case of other zoos outside Greater China) helps to raise fund to maintain the sites in Sichuan.

I believe CSB will reject the panda with various excuses eventually. However, they cannot stop them by 2008, if there is a change in government. The more the CSB government keeps its misguided ideology over its responsibility to deliver what the voters want and loses the PR battle, such changeover becomes more likely.

I do have one suggestion for CSB. Take the pandas and keep them in a small zoo up the mountain, i.e. at an altitude of 1500-3000m, say near A Li Shan. This way Taiwan does not have to build the expensive air conditioned room like HK did. It also addresses the issue of 'natural habitat/temperature'. Most importantly, for A Bian, the panda zoo is hard to access by the public. The impact on DPP vote erosion would be minimized, while at the same time he does not have to take the bigotry response and hence avoid the PR fiasco. This would be a win-win for DPP's PR, its political agenda, and the Taiwan people.


Anonymous said...

No need, President Chen has been busy with the Falun Gong politics in the last few years.

I attended a Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce event couple years ago in LA, and in the recention venue NDTV and Epoch both had kiosks there. The young people there were very enthusiastic and very professional.

That's when I started paying attention and realized what buch of nut jobs they are. Epoch Time's LA office is full of FOB femail TaiDa PoliSci grads, "lipstick diplomats" curtisey of President Chen I presume.

It would not suprise me one bit that President Chen is talking to Master Li Hongzhi in his sleep.

How else can we explain Mrs. Chen's incredibly good luck in the stock market? It's like there's a Fashen protecting her portfolio...


Sun Bin said...

Lin Weichou was one of the few in DPP that still possess common sense. Here is his opinion



Anonymous said...

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