Superboys in Taiwan -- Super Avenue of Stars

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溏心風暴的星光大道 (ESWN translation in English)
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Supergirl finally got a sequel. It is called "Super Avenue of Stars", a similar singing contest in Taiwan, produced by Huang Zongwei, the producer of the celebrated Mengguo.

The key element that deviates from Supergirl is that in SAS there is a challenger session, where the challenger can pick one of the finalists and replace him. The germ in SAS is that there is a really good challenger, who is arguably as good as or even better than the best incumbent. He chose to fight the toughest battle, by choosing to challenge the incumbent leader and sing the song the incumbent has sang, winning 2 round before lost in a controversial final round of challenge, and -- you got it right, CRIED! That was a touching scene. The common theme for the Supergirls and Superboys is that they all like to cry.

Because of this show, an old song became a new hit in Taiwan.

The preliminary round of challenge

Mengguo is quick to spoof

There is more in Taiwan than corrupted politicians, political bickering, or dumb money diplomacy. It is still a beautiful island.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Taiwan does have a lot to offer, and I'm happy to see you think it's beautiful. It's a shame our politicians are such idiots, but hey, then there's Bush.... I left the US to come to Taiwan, and I don't regret it one bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Chinese do not need FREEDOM of SPEECH!

They should all be shot 6/4 style!!

Chinese culture is fucking awesome with old farts on the top!!

Parents can beat up and kill their kids!!

Taiwan is evil with all those young Taiwanese free-thinkers!!

Anonymous said...

US Politicians are no idiots. They do what they do best, which is to win votes from the majority of American mass and milk arse-load of money from them without any sort of value in return or satisfication of their purchase!

American Gay Neo-Con Christians are the idiots for making Zion Faith their main purpose in running a government instead of Rules of Laws! I was amazed how long it took before it go FUCK themselves!!

Chinese culture is no different than the Zion Faith of USA! They'll surely FUCK Taiwan as well if it ever took over in Taiwan! There is never a Chinese Democracy in human history because Chinese Culture program them not to care for such things!!