Les Misérables - 2008 Hong Kong

This is a sad day for the Fragrant Harbour, and the darkest day.

This city has degenerated into one that serves the rich and famous. This is no longer the free city that we loved and enjoyed. There is no rule of law any more. The police went nut. The judges became pig. Hong Kong is dead, dead, dead! Whatever kind of education system, what kind of legal mason/society, whatever kind of pseudo-moral pressure, produced these types of legal pigs, we thuck you very much!

Let's fight back. Let set up an organisation, a fund, to support the Jean Valjean's who may have committed minor crimes, but were prosecuted unfairly. This is not about moral or ethic, this about naked justice.

8 weeks with no bail. This is JUST...NOT....RIGHT!

Without justice, without rationality, one day the rule of tyrant will fall upon us.

1) 有人敢企出來報警嗎?
2) article23.net
3) I have no far refrained from expressing my personal view on the "scandal" itself. Perhaps Monk Yankong has now said what I wanted to say about this incidence.


Anonymous said...


Could you be more specific? We mainland readers are not well-informed about events happening in HongKong.

Anonymous said...

And we, the honest DAB, is the only organisation that will make HK a better place. Please join us. We will help you fight all the injustice in HK.

Simon the Conservative said...

Dear Sun-bin,

Though we have differences in our views on a number of issues, this one we stand on the same spot.

We are going to have an online discussion on the issue. We cordially invite you to take part.

Time: 1930
Date: 4 Feb


Sun Bin said...

where? if it is the apple daily site, i am afraid it is too much trouble for me to tunnel through the GFW.

p.s. to me our difference has always been minor. i disagree only with your approach in a few incidents, which bears a similar theme with this case -- that anyone, even if he is a fraudster, or a hypocrit, deserves the same opportunity, which shall not be denied by those with money/power or lie.

VC said...