Propaganda war

I guess by the end of today those who have friends in China would have seen a full MSN of "Heart China" signs.

There is, of course, difference voices. Some naughty people put on "Broken heart", some hearted "dalainana", some even went as far as hearting Corsica and placing a Free Corsica flag as his picture.

But mind you, this is a double edged sword. This is a way to show people's power. Imagine what would have conquered your MSN screen were it there exactly 19 years ago, or more precisely the couple days after April 15, and how the signs would have changed in the 2 months that followed. Because of this thought, I have hearted China wholeheartedly today, on my MSN.


However, the best propganda of the day has to be this one (via Hecaitou). It demonstrates, sort of, a similar analogy (youtube link here) --- after you finished, see this link for the theory.

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