Internet "terrorism" in HK

Please see this for details. For the full story, see Hoiking blog, he said everything I wanted to say.

(update: see also tkma blog)


  • 互聯網是自由媒介,所有網民都享有言論和思想自由,不容干涉。
  • 思想和言論自由,是香港社會的基石。網上網下,我輩都有責任好好維護這個權利。
  • 反對一切防礙網絡自由的行為,包括:
  1. 壓制甚至禁止反對意見
  2. 利用軟/硬手段,甚至恐嚇,去令反對聲音消失。




I would add one more point. In this blog, I would not even delete comments that disagree with me, even if they are stupid or absurd. The only comments I would delete are spam (e.g. wow gold link spams).

It is this simple, here we want to ensure

1) Freedom of expression

2) Freedom of choice to remain "anonymous" in the internet

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