New Google earth beta: better resolution

Download new Google Earth Beta here. More user-friendly controls, better resolution in many locations. e.g.

Cultural Revolution remnant mega-slogasn seen from space - 100-150 km ESE of Hami 哈密 City (N of Yandun烟墩), Xinjiang
(You can enter latittude/longitude coordinates shown in local left corner of the pictures to "fly" directly to the locations, use space to separate minutes/seconds, and comma to separate longitude from latitude)

More pictures with coords can be found at here, enjoy the treasure hunt.

Precise locations of each slogan shown here

In Spratly, Vietnam has built many airports through aggressive land-filling, before our friends in Taiwan started debating on whether to build it or not.

(Note there is a boat on the west side of the island)
More pictures with coords can be found at here.


1. Precise size of the banners were measured. e.g. 300mx50m for the banner shown above.
2. It was said (in comment field) these were painted for airplane pilot training purposes (by "No 8 Pilot College" of the airforce), to assist them to find the small airport when they land. You can see the airport on google earth near of the banner in the middle of the cluster. In 1960s we did not have GPS/etc.

Update: It is located in the east of Carmel Circle, which belongs to Red Star #2 Ranch of the Contruction Corp.



Anonymous said...

I suppose one can get the image of Zhongnanhai too?

Sun Bin said...

it was visible in the previous version a year ago. :)
also in google map. zoom scale is the +/- bar on the left hand side. you can see every single building by zooming into it.

for google-earth user. the coordinates (lat, long) are:

--- you can also see your home in HK in google map.

Sun Bin said...

This is nan-hai, the rectangular lake north of it is zhong-hai (drag the map).
further north is beihai which is open to the public.

Anonymous said...

Silly me. I guess I have read an Economist article on that ...