Views from Taiwan: Jiang Chun-nan

Jiang Chunnan, who has a column in Apple Daily, is one of the best commentators in Taiwan. Here I attempt to do a quick recap, ESWN style (he would definitely do a much better job than I), of his comments on the recent scandal inside the presidential palace (in square brackets are my additional comments)
  • It is impossible for Ah Bian to cut himself clean from his son-in-law Chao. You can't cut something that is non-static and moving. Only when you cut off can you cut the loss. The scandals are like mud-slide, how do you cut off a mud-slide?
  • Now it became a public trial of Chen Shui Bian on the media. Evidences are not necessarily verified. People would assume the accusations are true as they are keen to watch.
  • Bian got his best lawyer to defend Chao. Some people picked on this. But this is only natural, as relationship by blood cannot be cut off. Even if he did not do this, he still could get himself clean from the mess. [So why bother?] However, the spirit of our legal system is everybody (even if we know he is guilty for murder) is entitled to a fair case and the best lawyer he could get. We need to separate law and politics, a fair legal case with both sides enlisting the best lawyers would help the society cultivate the spirit of law and justice. Politics and morality are separate issues [the prosecutor team may not be the best, and most likely only mediocre, but it should have the media and public behind]
  • It was revealed by another DPP legilator that CSB's wife Wu lied blatantly about her meeting an exile criminal Chen Youhao, and Chen alleged money was passed in that meeting. Wu refused to comment. To the public this is like admitting she had lie. It is not against the law if she did not lie in court. But the event itself (and the lies) is as serious as bribery.
  • Similarly, Bian sweared Wu did not take the Sogo gift certificates, he would step down if that is the case. Such swears are common among politicians, but not many people keep their promises. Not sure what Bian is going to do if that is indeed the case.
  • Blood relationship cannot be cut off. But power and authority(&respect) can be. Power comes from position, authority comes from honesty. Bian still has power, but lost authority(&respect). How lame and pale is power without authority and respect?
Why I bothered to translate Jiang's commentary?
1. There are rational people in Taiwan
2. Jiang has criticized pan-Blue and Ma Ying-Jeou before. He is also defend Chen Shui Bian about the lawyer issue here. You do not have to side with one camp and write good comments.
3. Some views from Taiwan discounted Apple Daily as tabloid. Despite all its faults, Apple Daily can be very good. (to Jimmy Lai, this is what we want to see from Apple Daily HK and Taiwan)

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Michael Turton said...

You've got to be kidding me. We've busted Apple Daily so many times for making up and exaggerating stories, they should get an award for fiction writing. What do you expect from a pro-KMT paper that is 100% foreign-owned by Hong Kong Chinese?

To recap:

1. there is no evidence that the First Lady got Sogo gift certificates. None. It is just more KMT bullshit.

2. Chao is not related by blood to Chen. Duh. He's the SON IN LAW. So your brilliant commentator's comment "But this is only natural, as relationship by blood cannot be cut off." is totally wrong (but what else do you expect from Apple "all the news we can make up and cram into our paper" Daily?

3. "It was revealed by another DPP legilator that CSB's wife Wu lied blatantly about her meeting an exile criminal Chen Youhao"

The "other DPP legislator" who said this is Shen Fu-hisung, the Joe Lieberman of the DPP and long a servant of KMT interests. Nothing he says is reliable. Context is everything. But it is Apple Daily we are talking about here....

4. "How lame and pale is power without authority and respect?"

Chen's whole problem is that he has no power -- the ROC presidency is weak. The Blue strategy of paralyzing the government and blaming Chen has paid off handsomely.

Your brilliant commentator is simply the usual shallow-minded bullshit that is endemic in the Taiwan media.


Sun Bin said...

Chuckles. partisan rant again? :)

Jiang Chunnan's essay is not based on any of your 4 points.

1) the serial numbers matched. not direct evidence, enough suspicion.
2) he meant his daughter, if you can read Chinese. they are related by Chen's grand children.
3) "he said, she said". except this time 'he said', she said 'no comment'. that is precisely Jiang's point. she better comment for PR purpose.
4) He had more power than what the constitution gave him, as he admitted.

FYI, Jiang had harshly criticized KMT and MYJ many times in the past. He is not non-partisan. That makes him more credible.

Anonymous said...

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