Unintended unconventional interpretation, and lessons from Huang incident

When I first saw the video (via LfC), I thought the commentator was being sarcastic on the penalty kick verdict, especially given the boos in the background. I admit I did not know that Mr Huang was (and why he was) such a big fan of Italy. It has never been a great team since 1982. Ignorance on Huang's position provided me with an unconventional interpretation of his elation, his words do fit the alternative interpretation quite well. I just assumed we were all rooting for the underdog, in this case, the Austalian who deservedly so.

It would have been a great tribute to controversial fake falls,bad referees, FIFA conspiracies.......sigh.

Huang's messed up mind was revealed when he confessed his fear of potential competition Australia brings to Asia (i.e. Chinese football team) in the next WC Qualification rounds. The reality is, the further the Aussie advanced to in this WC, the more likely the qualification area Aussie represents will earn more tickets to the WC Final in 2010. i.e. higher chance for China to go to WC final.
Lesson 1: Do not view everything as a zero sum game.

OTOH, if it is so hard getting through the qualification round, there is really no need for China to go to the Final Round.
Lesson 2: Do not blame others for your own problems.

P.S. Related reports compiled by Bingfeng.

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