My geo-stats April 3 to July 25

I began using google analytics on Apr 6 to July 25. The first 7 week stats were posted here.

This is an update for Apr 6 to July 25.
Country/Region/City % visit % pageview
United States 37.0% 37.0%
Hong Kong SAR 14.7% 14.2%
Canada 5.8% 7.1%
United Kingdom 5.5% 5.0%
Singapore 4.6% 3.9%
Australia 4.4% 4.1%
(Taiwan) ROC
3.5% 4.0%
Japan 3.5% 3.3%
India 1.8% 1.8%
Germany 1.7% 2.0%
Malaysia 1.6% 1.4%
Korea, ROK 1.4% 1.7%
Netherlands 1.0% 0.8%
New Zealand 0.8% 0.7%
France 0.8% 0.8%
Philippines 0.7% 0.6%
Italy 0.6% 0.5%
Spain 0.6% 0.9%
Thailand 0.5% 0.4%
Russia 0.5% 0.4%
China (mainland)
0.4% 0.4%

For notes about China see previous post, stats updated below
  • An estimate of mainland China visitors can be done by comparing language system of the operating system. Because virtually only users inside China use simplified Chinese OS.
  • If I use Japan as a reference, simplified Chinese/Japanese=120%. So lower bound of mainland visits is 1.20x3.5%=4.2%.
  • Similar result using other language proxy, I guess the % from China mainland decreased a bit, as happened to many other areas (US) as well
  • Canada overtook UK to become #3, Singapore overtook Australia to be #5, Taiwan(ROC) overtook Japan to be #7, India overtook Germany, Malaysia, and Netherland to be #9
Returning visitors = 24.29% (anyoneone who have visited at least twice since Apr 6 is defined as a returning visitors), small improvement compared with Apr/May's 23.33%, but it turns out that the May figures were already quite stable.

Total number of countries/domains: 124 (see the list below for how this is defined. e.g., Guam, Macau, Taiwan, "satellite ISP", "not set")

Other countries in order:
  • Brazil Sweden ("not set") Switzerland Turkey Austria Indonesia Norway Macau Belgium Poland Denmark Romania UAE Ukraine ("Satellite Provider") Israel Finland Czech South Africa Argentina Greece Egypt Vietnam Mexico Chile Ireland Portugal Saudi Arabia Hungary Iran Peru Colombia Qatar Bulgaria Bangladesh ("Europe") Estonia Luxembourg Myanmar Ecuador Sri Lanka Kazakhstan Uruguay Croatia Latvia Slovakia Bahrain Jordan Venezuela Nigeria Mongolia Puerto Rico Yugoslavia Lebanon
Countries with 3 visits (Red = new country, Purple=promotion):
  • Malta Ghana Palestinian Territory Solomon Islands Lithuania
Countries with 2 visits:
  • Senegal Trinidad & Tobago Macedonia Albania Benin Georgia Costa Rica Burkina Faso Kuwait Kenya Brunei
Countries with 1 visits:
  • Oman Bhutan Syria Paraguay Guam Liechtenstein Dominica Ethiopia Afghanistan Morocco Yemen Cambodia Jamaica Slovenia Cameroon Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Tunisia Botswana Cayman Islands Belarus Barbados El Salvador Northern Mariana Is. Tanzania Dominican Rep Honduras Cote D'Ivoire Nepal Monaco Algeria Lao
For some strange reason the lone stats of Iceland, Sudan disappeared.

Finally the map overlay of the 500 visits around July 18 is here


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