Taipei Math: DPP politicians are 10 times more noble than Ah Bian!


Click the above to listen. She beats the slogan leads in all protests I heard. This is the script of the slogan
  • 民進黨政客不配跟公娼比 公娼比民進黨政客高貴一千倍, DPP political-peddlers do not deserve to be compared with licensed prostitutes, licensed prostitutes are 1000 times more noble than DPP politic-peddlers!
  • 公娼比廢娼的阿扁 高貴一萬倍 (source) licensed prostitutes, when compared with Ah Bian who abolished the licenses, are 10,000 times more noble!
This is the protest from Taipei prostitutes, whose license were revoked by Ah Bian when he was major of Taipei years ago, against a DPP legislator who compared the recent DPP policy of abolishing party factions to abolishing licensed prostitution, both achieves nothing but only pushed the activities underground. You would think that DPP member was criticising his own party. The prostitutes do not agree. For background see Jujuflop.

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