Update: Taepodong-2's range, I was right and Vick was right.

I was right that TPD-2 did not go very far away from the launch site. GS's Vick agreed with more in depth analysis. An anonymous commentator confirmed by providing a set of typical rocket trajectory figures.

Now the main stream media followed, after pentagon confirmed with our analysis.

The point here is not that I am better than Japanese intelligence. This is, after all, simple high school physics and maths, although more accurate estimate (1.5km range) requires some data on sophomore rocket science widely available publicly.

The question is, why did the information released by US (and indirectly, Japan) came more than 3 weeks late? I do have a hypothesis: it has to do with certain political agenda. 1) The matter needs to be misled before the UN resolution. 2) See another previous post for more hints. The outright lie and exaggeration (by more than 400 times) needed to stay for a while to save face and generate the impacts. It is very likely that someone (/country) probably delayed the release of the truth on purpose.

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bobby fletcher said...

Sorry for the repost, but source of the data is from a MIT "technology and policy" polisci course:


The data is for Titan II missile.