Taiwan election: the game is over, Ma wins

票數拉大到80萬 雙邊總部兩樣情 藍HIGH 綠低迷
  • 2008年 03月 22日 17:39 ╱ 壹蘋果網絡

As of this moment, the announce vote is 2,851,495 vs 2,052,158 , with Ma Ying Jeou in the lead (as predicted). Unlike 4 years ago, this is the data from the Central Election Committee, not some pro-Blue media. The game is already over for Hsieh. The Blue can celebrate. So will Taiwan's economy and peace across the strait for the next 4 years.

Viva democracy! Taiwan has set a model to the the rest of Asia that democratic transition from a dictatorship is possible, such that even after ceding power to the opposition for a total length of 8 years, the incumbent could regain power -- as long as it is able to win back the people.

p.s. Too busy for blogging recently, but I have been updating the reading list on the top of the right column.

p.s.2. The NYT prophet Keith Bradsher wrote, "The suppression of Tibet protests by Chinese security forces, as well as missteps by the Nationalist Party, which Beijing favors, have nearly erased what had seemed like an insuperable lead for Ma Ying-jeou, the Harvard-educated lawyer who has been the front-runner in the race." -- this has to be the most hilarious prediction of the year. :) Note that he did not bother to clarify what he referred to as 'missteps', and how he measured 'nearly erased'. But this is how our supposed unbiased and free media try to sway our opinion.

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