A new country in the making

Greenland Takes a Step Towards Autonomy
  • the largest island in the world (Quiz: which are #2 and #3?)
  • the lowest population density in the world, at 0.027/sq km
  • a stray hydrogen by its coast somewhere (!?#)
  • One of the beneficairies of Global warming (others include Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, Iceland, etc)
  • The 13th country in size in the world, just after DR Congo which adds three 0's in terms of population (will displace Mexico into the 4th largest country in North America -- wouls it join NAFTA?)
  • If the Greenland ice sheet were to completely melt away, sea level would rise by more than 7 m (23 ft)[11] and Greenland would most likely become an archipelago
  • Contains the world's largest national park! 972,000 sq km!!! which is just smaller than the country of Eqypt (30th largest in the world), and largest than Nigeria or Pakistan which both host more than 100M people
  • About 81 percent of Greenland's surface is covered by the Greenland ice sheet. The weight of the ice has depressed the central land area into a basin shape, whose base lies more than 300 metres (984 ft) below the surrounding ocean. Elevations rise suddenly and steeply near the coast -- which will be lower than the surface of the Dead Sea (currently the lowest point on land, but I am being tricky here, as it will most likely become a lake and the lake surface will be higher than than)

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