Oh media and opinion leaders

They are biased. Of course they are.

When the PRC government cleaned up its corrupted official, they would discredit any possibility that certain government(s) in this world, however authoritative or generically corrupted, would want to become less corrupted. Instead, they cooked up some conspiracy theory of power struggle to confuse its reader. If they hate you, whatever you do it is just wrong.

But to think that they are against China is "too simple, sometimes naive", to quote the ex-prez Jiang. To the "main stream media" and so-called opinion leaders, plus the foreign ministers of two major European countries, if they love you, you can rape a young teen brutally and their loves are still eternal.

As for media in Hong Kong, they simply applied google translation for whatever they have received and spit out to their readers (of similar caliber, they would think). They would not bother to read the comment fields under those websites, or a few lonely critical minds such as this.

What could China do to move from the "bad guy" circus to the "good side"? Here are a few tips from this lesson
  1. Be rich and famous
  2. Be-friend those western opinion leaders who had sold their souls
  3. Open the comment field
It is quite straightforward which way is the more achievable.

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