Time machine found in HK

What a trading floor!

I thought this is from the 1970s, but the date was September 2, 2010!!!

Tell me where you can find those antique machines. No wonder HK lags Singapore by so much.

I can understand why the traders want long lunch breaks, but I cannot understand what the trader can do which computers cannot,  with better accuracy and efficiency.


Anonymous said...

You should see inside the old headquarters of Nintendo (in Kyoto.)

There were old women typing on type-writers haha (this was filmed in the 00s too)

Can't remember where I saw the above though, maybe it was by Governor Watts (Steven Colbert's son) YouTube account - don't quote me on that.

Ruslan said...

The speed with which programmers can write programs to replace traders is limited, and some aspects of trading are difficult to formalize, human judgement is required.

Sun Bin said...

How about compared with what Singapore or NY/London or even Tokyo is doing now?

Ruslan said...

You know, this doesn't look like a trading floor. More like backoffice, perhaps some sort of trade confirmation department. I am pretty sure, HK banks' trading floors are on par with Singapore's, London's, Tokyo's or NY's.

Sun Bin said...

Thanks. I think this is not the "trading floor" for a broker house, it should be located inside the HK Stock Exchange, whether front or back office, right?

Sun Bin said...

see pictures here

they do have LCD screens underneath now, but it is still a large army of manual labor.