An example of Chinese Innovation

After (or before?) the Apple Peel that turns an iPod Touch into a 3G iPhones, here comes another Chinese innovation -- the most professional subtitle for a movie, any movie indeed.

"Das Leben der Anderen” (Lives of the Others) is a great great movie. The Chinese DVD is most likely pirated. But there are a few "translation groups" (字幕组)working more for interests than money. Some did this because of their pure disgust of the low quality of the existing subtitles provided by pirated DVDs (like the one that taught some Hong Kong writer wrong English). And there is competition even in the piracy industry.

Appreciate the photoshop work for the Chinese translation of Karl Marx Bookstore. For more please see Chinasmack. I had watched some Russian version (probably "Wanted") with written languages on the movies turned from (replacing) English into Russian (again from Chinese DVD), but I thought those were from the official version, and not done as well as this.

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Anonymous said...

Fan sub groups do great work. High praise to them :D

Quality translations of every human produced work ever made into as many languages as possible is an important step for the world.

That won't be possible without some HUGE innovation in computer translation but it isn't to difficult to see translations/subtitles of EVERY movie and books ever made into the languages spoken by say... >50 million people