Brother Hu are you also broke-sleeve ? (胡哥您也断袖乎)

Caption competition
  • I will begin: 胡哥您也断袖乎? Would you broke-sleeve Brother Hu? (Broke-sleeve - the equivalent of Brokeback in ancient China. The man's sleeve was under his sound asleep lover, not wanting to wake the lover up, the sleeve was cut.)
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Yes, I reversed the time order of the 2 pictures for humorous effect.

It is hard not to see the Far Long Gong / Secret Service incidence as a conspiracy. It is, more suspicious than the Belgrade Embassy incidence. The best review is by China Matters.
  • "An analogous situation would have been if the Chinese government had granted a credential to Jose Padilla's mother as representative of “The Newspaper of Record for Increasingly Desperate and Infuriated Relatives of Detainees at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo” and permitted her to participate in President Bush’s visit to Beijing last year.
  • The takeaway, intentional or inadvertent, is that the Bush administration simply doesn’t care enough, either about Hu Jintao’s face--or about relations with his regime--to take care to prevent such a humiliating incident."
China will remember this insult. But it will not act, yet. In fact, as a victim China has gained a lot of sympathy, lot more than what it lost in the humiliation. It should celebrate this as a great PR success, for its restraint, and the restraint of its reporters throughout the incidence.

We will see cooperation and business as usual, not a single word will be said. Until, one day, when the opportunity arises, Mr Bush, you may get your own embarassment. There is a problem for the Chinese, how can you beat this prank -- e.g., reveal US state secret?

(Update) Someone asked what would be the remedy from Bush. This is what I would do if I were Dubya
  • Publicly apologize
  • A public statement from the person in charge of Secret Services, in terms of procedure in place and what will be changed, about why there was no screening and why she was not taken care of within 30 seconds
  • Penalty on Epoch Times, no more press pass for any state function during the next 12 months (this does not really hurt this paper as all it does is copying and fabricating items, but it is still needed to encourage responsible media)
But I am no Dubya and I can bet that this will never happen.

Last but not least, back to business. Via ESWN and Billsdue, all insightful and informative



bobby fletcher said...

It just smells fishy.

Another thing I noticed was although we knew Epoch's "China concentration camp" allegation was bunk around 3/21, the State Dept sat on the finding until 4/15 3:30pm, the Friday afternoon before Hu's visit:


Is it so to not affect any anti-China protests that's already in the swing over the weekend? Knowing it won't make news until Monday?

I don't want to believe that...

- bobby fletcher

Anonymous said...

you forget another classical chinese euphemism for homosexuality...sharing the PEACH.