Hu's gift to Bush: Art of War

President Hu Jintao's newest gift to President George W Bush and other US official: copies of Art of War by Sun Zi.

Would you teach your enemy strategy? No. Hu must believe in non-zero sum game now. It is not difficult to get this at his position, but not as easy at Bush's. This is the best choice of gift by a Chinese leader. I am not your enemy. I want you to win. I am sure I would be benefited if you choose the best path for yourself and I am not intimidated if you get that right path.

Updated note:
1) there is a good reason why China would benefit from US finding the best path. China is far behind in development, hence much larger room to grow. If everybody focuses on one's own good, China has more to gain as well. This is why it is easier for Hu to see the sum is not zero, but more difficult for Bush, even though it should be quite obvious to both of them.
2) since the book is widely available in West Point and Border's Book Store, this is mainly symbolic, i.e. a statement made. (in more practical sense, a friendly reminder to Mr Bush)

I am not going to discuss in detail what Sun Zi would have approached Iraq (update: Useless Tree said pretty much what I could say), Afghanistan, 9-11 prevention, etc.

Send a few copies to Mr Chen Shui Bian as well.

And Mr Hu, please also read this yourself. I know you are busy, but please do not ask your secretary to do the work this time. You could do better as well.

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