Solomon Islands (ii)

As expected, Solomon Islands will be ahead of Vatican. Checkbook diplomacy is stupid. It is more stupid and risky to try to bribe the election of another country.
  • Opposition lawmakers on Wednesday chose former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare as their sole candidate for the prime minister's post, making him the likely front-runner.
    If elected, Sogavare said he would consider severing ties with Taiwan, saying it was time for the Solomons to join the majority of the world in giving diplomatic allegiance to Beijing.

  • Some inaccurate reports (in Taiwan and Australia, NZ) tried to confuse the matter, by accusing both PRC and ROC of bribing the MPs. This is ignorant. The accusation only directed at Taiwan. PRC had spent over 50 years creating a brand of non-interference. It would be utterly stupid for them to violate this principle. Checkbook diplomacy, yes. Bribing MP, no.

Expect domino effect in Taiwan's list of 25.

For more insights into Australia's and ROC's role in Solomon Islands tragedy, see China Matters. A must read. (hat tip ESWN)


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