2006/08 Reading list archive (Final)

This is the archive of the reading list on the side-bar. It is just a random collection of items I have read recently. It does not neccessarily have to represent my view (in fact, I may disagree with some of the POV), but I think they are interesting on their own. I do not think I am doing a linkfest, which I thought should have certain theme or professed value, it is simply a slightly organized (and slected) form of my de.licio.us.

There will be one archive per month, so I will be moving items from the side-bar into this post through this month, and create another post in September


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middle man said...

That Macartney article sucks, it's full of hidden chinese-are-evil messages. If she really wanted to know "whether our Tibetan hostess in her traditional long dress had ever eaten a Chinese breakfast or if the soybean milk maker in his white chef’s coat had ever tasted yak butter tea.", why could she have just asked the Han chef while she was eating there, or the Tibetan hostess after she ate? After all, she said it herself: "They live but a stone’s throw apart". If she wanted to expose whatever social-ethnic problem there was in Tibet, she could've just asked around and reported their answers in her article, instead of concluding in a tone which gives people the impression that there is huge social-ethnic problem in Tibet.

Sun Bin said...

you got a pretty good point here. why didn't she ask a few question as she was there? it would be interesting to hear what she says.

I list her site because it is already quite a rarity in english medium, for not automatically subscibing to the Richard Gere / CCP dichotomy.

bobby fletcher said...

Here's one I'd recommend:

Harry Wu of Laogai Research Foundation debunks Falun Gong Propaganda:


Anonymous said...

- On blogging in Chinese -

* Keso says blogspot-hosted blogs are now accessible in China.

* I suppose more and more readers can read both Chinese and English and readers would welcome a bilingual SB (it has been bilingual to some extent anyway).

* You must have found that for some topics Chinese is the preferred blog language. My recent post on HKEJ, if written in English, would have been quite pointless.

makina said...

Bob, this one is for you...sorry if I'm off topic a bit.

Do you understand the serious allegations put forth in the Kilgour-Matas report on organ harvesting targeting Falun Gong practitioners across China. ( http://investigatio n.go.saveint er.net ) The Chinese embassy has formulated a set of contradictions similar to yours which I completely disagree with--most of it is unfounded and a direct attack on the authors of the report and the Falun Gong.

http://www.theepochtimes.co m/news/6-8-10/44796.html

The free world is still waiting for China to give an explanation for the 41,500 organ transplants unaccounted for (in the report). That is telling. Have the many Falun Gong practitioners who have disappeared in China become unwilling organ donors? The answer is yes.

I find it unfortunate that Mr. Harry Wu's investigation in the North of China proved to be fruitless and that in turn his report is being used to discredit the Kilgour-Matas findings. Maybe his team should have gone there before March 9 when the story first broke in the Epoch Times. News reports confirm that after March 9th, the hospital site was cleaned up swiftly to hide all evidence and only later on the Communist Party officials invited the free world to come and investigate. But oddly enough the regime has refused to grant visas to anyone who asked to investigate further. Meanwhile the US State Dept. was taken through a show tour--the regime being with them every step of the way but they have kept the file opened and are still interested in the case.

http://www.faluni nfo.net/displa yAnArticle.asp?ID=9452

It's worth mentioning that the Kilgour-Matas investigation team examined 18 pieces of evidence to draw their conclusions and that the hospital visited by the US State Dept. and Mr. Wu only accounts for a small portion of the report. Many hospitals were investigated, not just that one--so 99% of the report is not about that hospital. Moreover hospital staff openly admitted to the organ source being from the Falun Gong in 15 instances and these digital recordings have been well validated. Matas calls this practice a new from of evil on the planet.

BTW the phone bills are available. China's bloody harvest
http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/issuesideas/sto ry.html?id=6a97d044-615a-496b-b7d6-e79e36636592

The K-M report has been well received in their travels to Brusels, Berlin, London, Washington DC with the Australian government requesting the Chinese embassy for an independent investigation to be allowed. Kilgour has met with rights organizations which are already paying close attention to this issue as is the UN.

It is high time that Communist China be made accountable for their crimes against humanity and for the free world to reassess their take on China. As I recall China was given the 2008 Olympics on the premise that their human rights record would improve. In my eyes the well documented persecution of Falun Gong is enough to disqualify them instantly along with the reports of large scale organ harvesting which would make their record stoop to a new low.

It’s time to quit the Party Bob! http://ninecommentar ies.com

bobby fletcher said...

Kilgour's FLG report has since been discredited. Please check out the rebuttal from long time Chinese activist Harry Wu. Wu investigated FLG's allegation inside China and found it not credible, echoing US State department's investigation:




http://crc.gov.my/clinicalTrial/documents/Proposal/TCM_Stroke%20TrialProtocol%20synopsis.pdf (page 3)

As you can see, the hospital FLG fingered is actually partly owned by a Malaysian healthcare company, and is subject to oversight beyond Chinese authority.

Malay officials have visited the alleged site in previous year; the place has been open to public for years.