Taiwanese now fans of Chairman Mao

It seems that Chairman Mao has taken over Taiwan, according to DPP Chairman SK You and pro-DPP FTV. First SK You (and others) accused the Red Camp of chosing the color red (he forgot to mention Manchester United and Coca-cola) and started the protest on the anniversary of Mao's death (Is this the way Chinese honor the dead?).

Now it went from bizarre to bizarreR. FTV alleged the Red Camp's campaign of being inspired by an old CCP Red Army adapted folk song in 1930s:
  • Osmanthus Flowering Everywhere in August (or here)
  • Lyric:

Evidence? again, the color red, and the coincidence of the pretty common Chinese phrase "flowering everywhere" (see bold characters in the lyric).

FTV went on further to interview a self proclaimed CCP specialist hack called Lin Baohua. Lin found an album called "100 years of Chinese Song" where the song listed right after this one is called "All under the sky for the public 天下为公", which is synonymous to Red's next campaign "All under the sky go seige 天下围攻". Lin seems to be a prophet, picking out from hundreds of albums which includes this folk song this special collection album as the delphi. If the red is indeed following the delphi, it is probably invincible? Wait, isn't this a confucius saying, and repeated many times by Dr Sun Yat-sen? (大道之行,天下为公). In fact, Bill Clinton also quote this line in his speech given in Xi'an. The Red said its theme was actually inspired the synonym of the Confuscius phrase (大盗之行也,天下围攻), by changing Confucius' "When the great Way prevails, a public spirit will rule all under the sky" into "When a great thief prevails, the public all under the sky will siege [the city]".

There are only seven colors in the rainbow. Blue, Green, Orange were taken by DPP, KMT and PFP. New Party took Yellow. If the Red is to use another color, it would be Violet or Indigo, which would probably be accused as a cousin color to Blue.

A desperate attempt by the Chen apologists, which is usually a sign of showing weakness.

The Red is also quick to countered the accusation. They pointed out that there are plenty of CCP party songs about "We stand here facing the sun 我們站在向陽的地方", which was the title for the pro-Bian demonstration on Sep 16th.

Hmmm, it seems both the Green and Red are Mao's fans. Next time I am going to claim a rainbow flag and use the solar eclipse as my totem, so that I can claim everyone in Taiwan as my fans.

Update: "林保华说,连倒扁集团所提出的礼义廉耻,都几乎跟胡锦涛所推动的「八荣八耻」,在意识形态上也是类似的。为什么满脑子都和共产党目前的号召和宣传碰在一起?令人不解". According to Lin Baohua, Hu Jintoa even monopolized confuscius' 4 moral pillars of a country (courtesy, loyalty, frugality, awareness of shame - 礼义廉耻,国之四维) by his generalization to 8honors+8disgraces. Therefore, anyone who follows Guan Zhong's 4 pillars is also following CCP's 8+8.

(Sep 26) There is now a video clip compiled by a pro-Bian netizen. Trying hard to make the connection, he made one mistake of linking "天下围攻" with "粉碎蒋贼大围攻", as the lyric means the "Siege" would be defeated.



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Sun Bin said...

:) these interesting names.

What is Lin's background? I have the impression that Lin came from the mainland. He seems to know more about CCP and little about Taiwan.

I know that a few of dissidents from mainland found jobs in Taiwan (e.g. Ruan Ming got a teaching post in Tamjiang University), some of them supported Chen. (Ruan is a aid to the Chen's Presidential Office, I think. Personally I thought Ruan is a decent person, as are many of Chen's supporters, i.e., until very recently).

But Lin is such an idiot. I can't find any of his essays that makes any sense.

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