Some cool Japanese Commercials

In our neighboring countries in NE Asia, I love N Korea Mass Game, S Korean movies, and Japanese CM (commerical). I think the Japanese are among the most creative nation in marketing and commerialization in this world. The Tarako phenonmenon is the most recent example. I don't have to tell you about Tamagochi and Hello Kitty, product and CM innovation of TOTO Toilet, and more recently, creative teaching of Zuiikin English. See how to market a simple innovation of Mentaiko Spaghetti (Spicy cod Roe - represented by the little cuties in the videos. Its success is probably more a result of the hypnotic Young Pioneer hymn like theme song) here

We all have something to learn from Japan, one of the most fascinating nation in this world. Yeah, they committed big crimes from 140 to 60 years ago. There are still perhaps quite a few of bigots, some even running its goverment. But this country has a lot of stuffs you would love.

Here are a few of my fav's, each representative of its own class, brilliant, innovative, humorous, creepy, anti-authority/unconventional/breaking taboo.

The classic: Hungry? Cup Noodle!

More in the series
1 Mammoth, 2 Rhino, 3 Giraffe, 4 Seafood, 5 Ostrich, 6 Monster?

Gatsby Hair-dye -- "life is colorful... men also colorful...." (in Japanese the word "colorful" also means "many different types"

Fanta -- helplessness of pupils in each class in the 3rd grade with their teachers, each flavor of Fanta comes to rescue

Wacoal, Up! Up!

I'm loving it!

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